My aunt was a remarkable woman who endured many challenges in her life with unwavering strength, love and humour.

Jean left ERUK a significant gift in her Will in 2019. In life, Jean experienced the impact living with epilepsy can have – with her daughter who was profoundly affected and sadly died.

Jean’s sister Iris, and her niece Jane, share why supporting ERUK was so important to her. Talking about the challenges her sister had faced looking after a daughter with poorly controlled epilepsy, Iris said: “Jean was a very private person and not one to share her feelings. But when she came to write her Will she talked to the family about wanting to leave gifts to charities she cared deeply about, as well as to family members.

Jean knew her family were all settled, and we all felt that it was her money and she should do with it what she thought best. My sister was a generous soul and wanted to do anything she could to alleviate the suffering of children, their parents and loved ones.
Iris, Jean’s daughter 

Jane added, “My aunt was a remarkable woman who endured many challenges in her life with unwavering strength, love and humour. We know she would have been thrilled to be able to contribute towards the great work you do.”

We remember with heartfelt thanks Jean, whose gift will support ground-breaking research.

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