Join us for the next in our series of Research Roundtable webinars when we’ll be hearing from research experts and people with lived experience on the topic of epilepsy and autism.

This month we have been focusing on the link between epilepsy and neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the overlaps between epilepsy and autism, and how research could help more people live seizure-free. We’ll also hear key findings from a new research project Epilepsy Research UK has funded alongside charities Autistica and Young Epilepsy. We commissioned the Autism and Epilepsy: Laying out the evidence dossier to address the lack of understanding of epilepsy in autism and highlight the need for greater research investment in this area.

The session is open to everyone and will be held at 12pm on Wednesday 29th September, to coincide with the publication of the dossier. So, whether you are  autistic and affected by epilepsy, researching autism and epilepsy or just interested to learn more, we hope you can join us.

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Our fantastic guest speakers include:

Susanna, who will be sharing insights into living with epilepsy as an autistic person and explaining how her conditions go hand-in-hand.

Dr Charlotte Tye, who was awarded an Epilepsy Research UK & Autistica Fellowship to identify predictors of autism in infants with epilepsy, will explain how this research will improve long-term quality of life.

Dr Colin Reilly, who led on the development of the Autism and Epilepsy dossier, will discuss the key findings of this project and highlight important research questions for the future.

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