Epilepsy Research UK invites you to the next in our series of live Research Roundtable webinars. This month we’ll be discussing how research is improving seizure control.

We’ll hear from the experts and people with lived experience about the impact of seizures, the use of technology to forecast them, and how pioneering research into optogenetics offers hope for controlling more people’s seizures in the future.

The session is open to everyone and will be held at 12pm on Tuesday 27th April.  So, whether you are affected by epilepsy, researching epilepsy, or just interested to learn more, we hope you can join us.

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All previous Epilepsy Research UK webinar places have been filled before the event so register now to avoid disappointment!  

Our fantastic guest speakers include:

  • Dr Anne Coxon – Epilepsy Research UK Trustee and Health Psychologist, will discuss her family’s experience of epilepsy, and the role that research has played along the way.
  • Andrea Biondi – PhD student at King’s College London, will discuss his research on the use of wearable technology in seizure forecasting.
  • Dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser – 2016 Emerging Leader Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, will discuss his research on the use of optogenetics in blocking seizures in temporal lobe epilepsy.

There will be a Q&A session with the speakers after the presentations, so please send any questions you may have to our Head of Research, Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett here.