Today – Friday 16th – we have been at the annual UCL (University College London) Neuroscience Symposium.  It is immensely popular and attracts almost around 800 delegates.  Epilepsy Research UK projects were in evidence and I had the opportunity to meet some of our current researchers as well as young researchers that we would like to encourage in order to keep their skills in the field of epilepsy.You can find more details of the UCL Symposium and download the abstract booklet here

Dr Stephanie Schorge explains her research to an interested symposium delegate.

Dr Gabriele Lignani – Epilepsy Research UK Fellowship holder with details of his preliminary findings.

Among the Epilepsy Research UK funded researchers was Dr Stephanie Schorge who was presenting some details of her work on gene therapy and refractory epilepsy.  We also met Dr Gabriele Lignani who has just been awarded an Epilepsy Research UK Fellowship.  Dr Ligani was presenting his work on how to increase promoter activity to treat intractable epilepsy.  We also ran into Albert Snowball from the UCL Institute of Neurology who was presenting his work on gene therapy for epilepsy using non-integrating lentiviral delivery of an engineered potassium channel gene.  The  Institute of Neurology at UCL has a worldwide reputation and as an organisation, we are proud to help fund some of the fantastic work that is going on there.