We are deeply saddened to hear of the death of Alan Richens, a founding Trustee of the Epilepsy Research Foundation in 1991, which later became Epilepsy Research UK.  Alan gave an enormous amount to the charity, initially as Scientific Advisory Committee Chair, then as Chairman of the Foundation until 1999, and finally as President from 2007 – 2013.

We have heard so many wonderful stories about Alan’s commitment to epilepsy research and his tireless advocacy for people with epilepsy. This message on Alan’s retirement from the Board in August 1998 is from an archive copy of our Focus Newsletter and is a fitting tribute to his impact.

The words here are from former Vice-Chair, Mrs Judy Cochrane:

‘I would just like to say on behalf of my fellow trustees, how much we as a Board have appreciated and valued Alan’s leadership over the past six years.

‘His commitment to the foundation has been immense and he has the respect and admiration of all of us, not just for what he has achieved during his time as chair – we are all aware that the epilepsy knowledge and research base he has brought to ERF has enabled the foundation really to grow – but especially for the manner in which he has achieved it. Always supportive and generous in his dealings with people, quietly authoritative in his role as chair and spokesperson for the foundation, and at all times approachable and responsive. Alan is a kind, considerate and thoughtful man, who has so generously given his time to the cause of epilepsy research.

‘Alan, we thank you.’

A tribute from Emilio Perucca, Immediate Past President of the ILAE, discussing Alan Richen’s wider impact can be found here.