Have you ever wished you could find an easy and flexible way to give, even when you don’t know how much you’ll have to spare each month? Do you also hesitate to donate to charities as you don’t necessarily want to share your details? We understand, and we think we have just the answer.

We are excited to announce that Epilepsy Research UK has teamed up with Toucan – a new mobile app and anonymous flexible donation platform for regular giving designed to simplify all the good you do. You may have seen the episode of Dragon’s Den featuring Toucan – and the dragons loved it. Stephen Bartlett, the famous entrepreneur who founded Social Chain, was ‘in’ and invested immediately!

Toucan takes care of all your giving but doesn’t pass on any of your details, so the charities you donate to won’t be in touch (we’ll try not to take it personally!). You can be flexible about how much you commit, and you can split your donations between all the causes that matter to you – so if you care about epilepsy but dementia also impacts your family, just decide how much you want to give each month and split it. Simple!

It’s super easy to get started – just follow these quick steps…

1. Download the app
You can find Toucan in any smartphone app store (Toucan is currently only available on mobile).

2. Pick your charities
Either search by name, browse by cause or see Toucan’s charities suggested for you. You can automatically add Epilepsy Research UK to your portfolio by clicking here.

3. Set up your giving portfolio of up to three charities
If you’d like to donate to more than one cause, you can add your top three charities to your giving portfolio by tapping the three bars icon. This is also how you add a charity to your portfolio from your favourites.

4.  Set up your monthly donation amount
Simply tap ‘Set up monthly donation’ and follow the instructions – if you’re a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your donation Having a tight month? You can adjust or pause your donation amount at any time.

Once you’re set-up, it’s easy to show people the causes you care about and spread the love amongst your friends and family. Toucan says to think of the app as, “Good deeds just ticking along in your pocket. Karmic brownie points racking up en masse. A nice excuse to cut yourself some slack for those times you’re a little less than perfect.”

To simplify your giving and join the Toucan revolution – sign up here today!