The BBC Radio 4 Appeal was first broadcast on Sunday 25th March, and aired again on Thursday, 29th March.  Do please listen again to this heartfelt plea for more funds for research into epilepsy.Nick and his family experienced first hand, with his daughter Rachel, how advances in the field of neurology had enabled doctors to better locate and treat the cause of Rachel’s epilepsy.  Through advances made in neuro-imaging techniques, specialists were able to precisely identify the exact location in the brain which was causing the epileptic seizures.  And then, with the development of better and more targeted surgical procedures, only the area of tissue responsible for the seizures could be safely removed without damaging any healthy tissue.  Rachel underwent this ground breaking surgery in 2010 and it would not have been possible before.   You can hear Nick talking about the effects of Rachel’s epilepsy diagnosis on the whole family and why he feels research is so important.  You can still listen to Nick and Rachel’s appeal by visiting  the Radio 4 appeal website and you can donate whatever you can here to help to raise vital funds for more research into epilepsy.  Thank you.