And there goes 2020… can’t say we’ll miss it!

The Epilepsy Research UK team will soon be stepping away from our screens, putting down our phones, and leaving our virtual offices for the Christmas break. But there’s just time for one more thank you and a festive farewell to you – our dedicated supporters.

It’s been a year none of us will forget. Thankfully, you’ve given us so many good reasons to remember it by. We are constantly aware that the vital research we have funded is only possible due to your incredible generosity. Thank you for standing by us this year and continuing to put your trust in Epilepsy Research UK to drive and enable more life changing, life saving research.

We all experienced #ALifeInterrupted in 2020. Regardless of the forthcoming vaccines and our hopes for a return to normality in 2021, we know that for people with epilepsy, the interruptions will continue. We will enter next year with renewed determination to achieve our collective vision of a life free from epilepsy – we feel certain you will be alongside us.

We will leave you with two quotes from our #ALifeInterrupted report that really sum up the impact your support enables…

Investment in research will mean that life is about living, not about being in fear of seizures and their impact.

As scientists, we know that each increment in knowledge, every marginal gain, when added together can make big differences to the lives of people with epilepsy. 
Professor Sameer Zuberi

Seizures didn’t stop, neither did we… and thankfully neither did you.

We wish you a healthy and happy festive season.

The Epilepsy Research UK team 

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