In March a group of charity supporters led by John, Rik and Phil Waind planned to trek to Everest Base Camp, to raise money and awareness for Epilepsy Research UK. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to go to Everest Base Camp, but had to switch to Annapurna instead.

John says, “It was initially disappointing to have to switch the trek to Annapurna but it possibly worked out for the best. Annapuna base Camp is located in the Annapurna Sanctuary which is a natural amphitheatre surrounded by huge Himalayan peaks. I did the Everest Base Camp trek six years ago and in my opinion the scenery on the Annapurna trek is more varied and the mountain views are just as dramatic. It is a fantastic trek which I would recommend to anybody wanting to experience the Himalayas”.

En route, their plan was to establish a world record for the World’s Longest String of Prayer flags and I’m delighted to say that they had a continuous string a kilometer in length!! They are applying to the Guinness Book of Records for a new world record!!


You can see more photos of the trip on our facebook page.

They have raised over £8,500 for the Jean Waind Memorial Fund, with monies still coming in.