David Callé and Nick Thomson recently undertook the 100km ThamesPath Challenge raising over £12,500 for Epilepsy Research UK.  Nick’s daughter has epilepsy and raising money and awareness for epilepsy research was the driving force behind this challenge.

Starting in Putney on Saturday and finishing in Henley on Sunday they completed it in 26 ½  hours.  Allowing for 2 planned 20 minute stops and a  60 minute night stop at the half way point that’s 24 hours of walking!  To put it in to perspective, the full 100km distance is just under two and a half marathons – 63 miles.

Nick says, “The event organisers track your movements along the way and our passes were scanned at various checkpoints.  The temptation to call it a day in the pitchblack when even a head torch doesn’t help that much because of the heavy mist and narrow walkways was high. The countryside we saw in daylight was quite something, and the Upper Thames area certainly has some of the finest – although that becomes lost on you after a while, and I must say that after seeing a few before and after dawn, one pretty little lock certainly looks the same as another !”

David says, “Nick and I worked as a team throughout the challenge and at times each supported the other to get to the end.  We thought we’d trained hard, but nothing quite prepares you for the experience.  That said the challenge we set ourselves for raising funds and the walk itself were both very rewarding and enjoyable, made all the better for doing it as a team. ”

David and Nick have since signed up again for the 2014 challenge!

Our thanks go to both David and Nick for their fantastic support and to Quattro Plant Ltd for matching the monies they raised.