Geoff Mayne and Alan Britten successfully bid for auction prizes of a tandem skydive each at the “Dance for Life” last autumn to to raise money for Geoff’s daughter Zoë’s memorial fund. (Zoë had run the teaching arm of a project called “Skills for Life”, aimed at helping adults with learning difficulties to lead more independent lives.) The weather interrupted their first three attempts to jump, but finally they were able to jump on a beautiful day earlier in October.

Geoff says: “We couldn’t believe it but it all worked out in the end. The weather was good – clear blue sky, no wind to start with – it all seemed perfect. We were obliged to get a rebriefing as after 2 months our initial briefing had expired. Then there was nothing left to stop us. All the niggling doubts faded away as the professional instructors took over. The plane itself was not unlike a budget flight, there being no seating but a bit of a bench for some and the floor for the rest with no room for the in-flight meal so just as well there wasn’t one. I was the last to jump which was good in a way as I could see how easy it was for all the others. Alan went before me and then it was my turn.

It was wonderful. Noisy a bit but exhilarating and although at the time it seemed an age in the air it was in fact over all too quickly. The long wait was more than worth it and the buzz from doing it was fantastic. I had a photographer jump with me so hopefully you will be able to see the excitement in my face.”

You can watch the video of Geoff’s jump below!

Many thanks to Geoff and Alan for withstanding so many delays, and for raising 3,380.00 together in sponsorship from their jump. You can still sponsor them here.