“The “Rad am Ring” bike race is a 24 hour cycle challenge taking place at the Nurburgring race track in Germany. Rob says, “It was a lot of fun, if excruciatingly painful at moments! The course was, in fact, much hillier than I’d imagined, with huge descents followed by small climbs for the first 10km, then a 4km climb that was pretty hard work and lots of people got off to walk up this.

The first day was very sunny and hot and the uphills were pretty tough in the sunshine. Riding through the night though was quite odd, as you had to hurtle down the hills in pitch darkness (my co-rider recorded 89kph (56mph) on the speed gun down the steepest section) with only your night vision and the red rear bike lights of the other riders to tell you where the course was. I did have one moment that I thought I would come off which was also quite scary (my bike started to wobble pretty badly going down a hill at high speed whilst I was clipped into the pedals…).

We had a good time and I’d be tempted to do it again – but perhaps would start my training earlier next year!”

Rob, with fellow cyclists Rob and Nick raised over £1300 for Epilepsy Research UK.