Rachel, Kate and family

Along with their family, in April 2021 Rachel and Kate took on Norfolk’s 9-mile Bure Valley Path walk in aid of Epilepsy Research UK and for their daughter, Willow, who lives with epilepsy.

“In June 2020, our beautiful daughter started acting differently. She had just turned one year old and went from being completely fine to becoming vacant, unresponsive and very sleepy. It would take another three months of her getting worse, starting to have tonic-clonic seizures and many hospital trips before we received the diagnosis of epilepsy. We now know Willow has a form of partial complex focal seizures, but the doctors are not sure if this is something she will grow out of or if it will be something she has to live with forever. Willow has been truly amazing throughout it all, from having two EEG tests to being put to sleep for an MRI scan, she has coped amazingly!

“Luckily, after trying a couple of different medications, she’s now back to being a happy alert one-year-old. We can’t thank the NHS enough for all the work they have done for Willow, and the epilepsy research team for giving her a normal life with medication. Myself and Rachel decided we want to raise awareness and money for epilepsy research by doing the Bure Valley walk. We know times are hard, but we would be grateful if you could donate anything you can to help us reach our target.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to support the family’s efforts can do so here. Thank you so much for supporting research with this walk!

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