Nick Masters recently took on the Fan Dance – a much more gruelling challenge than it sounds!

The Fan Dance Nick completed was the winter high moon event, it took place on Saturday 16th January 2016 at 6:30pm, the route is a famous one known for special forces selection and is 24km across the terrain of the Brecon Beacons including its highest peak, Pen Y Fan. The race has to be completed at night and with a rucksack weighing in at 16kg!

Nick says, “It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, some of the mountains and hills were very tough covered in a foot of snow too! I was happy with my finishing time of 4hrs 48. Special forces selection cut off time is 4hrs and people were finishing anywhere from 3hrs 30 up until 7hours.

I decided to complete this challenge as a personal goal, realising how difficult it was i felt that it would be great if it was for a good cause. No better than for a cause that has helped my step son out through the research they do, Epilepsy Research UK. ”

Nick’s stepson Lewis was diagnosed at the age of 6 with absence epilepsy, he continues, ” It came as a surprise to my fiancee as he was so active and took part in a number of different sports including football. He learned to live with it for a number of years and it became a normality suppressing certain activities for his own safety. Anyone who has a friend or relative with absence epilepsy will understand, if not give it a Google. Having it as an adult is bad enough but as a learning and growing child it is even worse.

Just over a year ago, prior to starting high school after trialing dozens of different medications his doctors finally found a medication that his body accepted and he eventually stopped having seizures. The timing was uncanny as he was getting his first taste of new lessons and some decent homework projects, things that would be impossible to achieve previously with his seizures.

Lewis is now 12 years old and currently free from any absence epilepsy seizures. If it wasn’t for the research that had gone into his medication then he may have still been battling with the seizures today.

I have chosen Epilepsy Research UK as their work has made a positive impact on my family and we are extremely thankful for it.”

Nick raised well over his target sponsorship and we’re delighted to have received £321.00 from the event and our sincere thanks go to Nick for such fantastic support.