Support our intrepid walkers who are undertaking a 5,000-mile barefooted march along the coastline from Croatia to Spain in a bid to raise £1million for three charities. Barefooted walker, Nick Matthews, and friend, Chris Braun, set off on their gruelling trek on 28 February and are covering the tricky terrain of five countries in a bid to raise funds. The pair will hike 20 miles a day through Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain and expect to have to do plenty of doubling back to negotiate the coastline, which has no path or trail in some places.

Nick, whose best friend from childhood, Fiona Wackett, died of epilepsy said: “It was pretty much my best friend who I grew up with since about the age of two who died from epilepsy a few years ago. I really wanted to do something towards that, but at the time I was just so busy with my job, so it’s great that I can finally do something.”

 You can follow their adventures and see amazing photos on facebook and the website and support them here. This trek will be ongoing for some time, so do add messages of support to their facebook page.

Money raised will be donated to the Fiona Wackett Memorial Fund at Epilepsy Research UK, The Willow Foundation and Kids for Kids, which are all very close to their hearts.