Trekking the Great Wall of China is no mean feat, but that is exactly the challenge that charity fundraiser Martha Mason has just undertaken!

Martha says, “Back in the UK and I made it!  I had the most amazing time, it was a huge challenge but luckily the people I went with were very supportive and the whole team made it!

A little back story … Floppy (the bear) has been with me since I have was born and I have travelled everywhere with him. He has now been to 18 countries, 4 continents, 6 music festivals so therefore it felt only right that he was the centre of my fundraising and also (as you can see) my photography. Before we left he had a spa day where he got re-stuffed and a pair of dungarees made for him as well as he got his own passport!

The reason that I chose epilepsy research was due it it affecting many families close to me. The pain I have seen caused from the disorder not only to the person but also to the family, how how it can control your life mentally and socially even when your not having seizures.”

Martha has raised over £4K with Gift Aid from this challenge which is a fantastic contribution to our research. Huge thanks for undertaking such aa amazing feat!