Johnnie Chan took part in the Hackney Half Marathon recently in memory of his friend Darren. Here he tells us a little about the day itself…

“Hackney Marches is a great venue, when i arrived there were 1000’s of athletes getting registered and warmed up, there was a cold wind but the sun was shining and the atmosphere was wonderful. This was my first running event and first 1/2 marathon, over the preceding month i’d done a bit of training averaging 30km per week so i felt ready for it.

I started off steady for the first 2-3 km then got into my stride and pushed on a bit, running in a big group of people was incredible especially through the streets of Hackney. I hoped to achieve 1h45m which i think was pretty reasonable for a first attempt. In the end i got 1h41m so pretty happy about that!

Most importantly I raised over £600 for ERUK in the process which I hope will go some way to solving the challenge of Epilepsy. I know my friend Darren who suffered from it would have been very appreciative of it.”