James Byron, Moswen Brooks, Ben Hulme-Cross and Lee Netherton, supported by Alice Byron, are embarking on their very own Great Glen Triathlon, in memory of James and Alice’s baby son, Arthur.

“At the beginning of July we will attempt to complete a ‘Great Glen Triathlon’ in one week. The Great Glen is a sequence of lochs and rivers that cuts across Scotland from Inverness and through the Highlands to Fort William. Our challenge will be to cycle on hill trails diagonally across the country, climb Ben Nevis – the UK’s highest mountain, and then get all the way back by kayak. It’s a 150 mile round trip tackled the toughest way we could think of.

The most important thing about this trip is why we’re doing it. James and Alice had a baby son called Arthur who in the less than 7 short months he was on earth tackled harder physical challenges every day than we’re about to in a week.

They say having an epileptic fit is the equivalent to running a marathon. On his very best days Arthur did that 20 times.

So this is a real challenge for us – we’re not sure we’re going to make it, but we know it’s going to hurt trying. But we also know that if we can raise money for Epilepsy Research UK then maybe one day another baby like Arthur won’t have to go through what he did.

If we can hit our target it will be more than a 300th of the charity’s annual budget. That means there really is a piece of research that might not happen without our sponsors’ support.

With your donations to drive us on to finish we hope we can be a tiny fraction as strong as a little baby called Arthur!”

Good luck to all the team for their intrepid challenge! You can sponsor the Great Glen Triathlon for Arthur here: https://www.justgiving.com/JamesGreatGlenTri/

James and team successfully completed their Great Glen Triathlon raising £6,643.53 in sponsorship from their amazing efforts! Our thanks go to James, Ben, Lee and Moswen, and their support team of Alice and Nim, for such inspirational support of our research.

Great Glen Tri Team cycling the Great Glen Great Glen Tri Team on Ben Nevis