Lynn Mezzetti tells us of her experiences taking part in an overseas challenge event for the Ellen Mezzetti Memorial Fund

“Having lost our beautiful daughter Ellen to epilepsy seven years ago, we have been fundraising for ERUK ever since. Last October, after a year of fundraising to self-fund our trek, myself, my sister-in-laws Maria, Vicki and Jo, and two very good friends Sharon and Sam set off for a week-long trip to the Grand Canyon.

Please, please, please if you only ever do one fundraising trip do this one! It truly is the trip of a lifetime, unbelievable scenery, amazing guides and experiences you will probably only ever do once in your life. Our group of six became part of a 21-strong group of amazing people all with their own stories to tell and heartbreak to face.

Our British guide, Martin, who was literally at our beck and call from the minute we met him at the airport, and our four American guides, were wonderful. They took care of everything, from pitching our tents, cooking the most amazing meals by torchlight and even providing “foot clinics” for our sore toes!

I cannot explain the feeling of being in this truly beautiful part of the world. It is a hidden land, at times like being on a film set, that only a small number of people ever get to experience. Don’t just go to the edge and look over, climb down and do something you will never forget. I would never have thought that I would be camping out, jumping off waterfalls, using the bluest of lagoons for my bath, facing my fear of heights (the descent to Mooney Falls!) and having a blessing by a Native American called Dave, and all the while having the opportunity to face our grief with people who understand and most importantly raise money for ERUK.”

Our thanks go to Lynne Mezzetti, Maria Baker, Vicki Bumphrey, Jo Mezzetti, Sharon Jones and Sam Hele and their supporters for raising £8,753 from their Grand Canyon Trek, and to John and Lynne Mezzetti and all their family and friends for their extraordinary commitment to funding research by raising over £57,000 for Ellen’s memorial fund.