Keith Wisdom has been a long standing supporter of the Ellen Mezzetti Memorial Fund, and on 12 September organised an English Channel rowing machine challenge outside his local supermarket.

Keith and a group of friends in Cromer, Norfolk spent the day on two rowing machines, each contributing their efforts towards rowing the length of the Channel, incredibly – they managed a distance equalling 6 crossings during the day!

Keith tells us about it here:

“Well we did it, we got there! Then without a thought we turned round and came home.  Just like Forrest Gump we turned and went again. Then amazingly we did it all again one more time. Achieving  a fantastic six crossings in total  between 8.00 am and 6:30 pm on the 15th of September 2018. A superb 204 thousand metres in total.  All the people who said they would row turned up and both machines were manned all day. Everyone had fun and the public were superb in their support. I am still smiling about how good it was! ”

The team raised over £1,000 on the day and even more through an online giving page.

What a fantastic challenge, and huge thanks to Keith and the team from everyone at ERUK for all their hard work and effort – what an inventive way to raise money for research!