Our super supporters often use the new year as a chance to set themselves a challenge to test their fitness and fundraising abilities, and this year is no different. In 2022, Chad will be cycling the equivalent of the UK coastline.

That’s a total of 11,076 miles in the year, 213 miles per week, or 30 miles a day! I think we can all agree this is quite a challenge.

I’m doing this to raise money for Epilepsy Research UK. My 8-year-old son was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago so my family and I know first-hand the importance of the work they do. This will be a very tough challenge, but one I’m determined to complete.

We’d like to thank Chad for the incredible effort he’ll be putting in to raise money for vital research. If you’d like to follow his journey you can do so here.

Or, if Chad has inspired you to come up with a big challenge of your own, why not let us know – we’ll be happy to support you!