Often people with epilepsy have been through enormous challenges but to look at them you would never know.

ERUK fundraiser and training company CEO Brett Bader shares our commitment to advancing scientific research for the benefit of public health. He is also one of the incredible people who has risen to the challenges of lockdown to continue helping others through the crisis.

I see supporting ERUK as an opportunity to make a real difference for the 1 in 103 people who live with epilepsy, which is in many ways a hidden condition. When we see someone with a visible condition, the hardship they’ve endured is more obvious for everyone to see. Often people with epilepsy have been through enormous challenges but to look at them you would never know.

Brett’s focus on the future and finding solutions has made him a committed ERUK supporter. For him, supporting research into epilepsy is also a personal endeavour – his daughter Jess was diagnosed with the condition two years ago. The diagnosis came after no injury and no family history of epilepsy: “It really was out of the blue. Jess’ clonic seizures are predominately under control but she is still experiencing periods of absence. One unexpected benefit of lockdown has been that our family has been able to monitor Jess while she is moved onto new antiepileptic medication to reduce the absence seizures.”

Brett with his family after the Wales Half Marathon virtual race

Brett is the founder and CEO of Lifeline Training, a company specialising in medical, scientific, and educational training. As with many workplaces during lockdown, Lifeline Training have had to adapt their operations in order to continue providing their services. Medical training for essential workers that would ordinarily have been done in large groups is now being delivered to a maximum of 5 people at a time, in large sports halls to ensure social distancing. The company have also setup virtual classrooms to continue their teaching on some topics.

Outside of work, Brett was due to take on a series of endurance challenges for ERUK and Save the Rhino this year. As with many other charity supporters, these plans have also had to change, and Brett has begun taking on virtual events to ensure his fundraising continues.

With virtual races you’re not tied to a time or location, which actually allows you to do more. I’m taking part in a virtual Toronto Half Marathon which was scheduled for 3rd May 2020, but I would never have been able to actually make it out to Canada!

As Brett says, he has always felt a duty to serve. Whether it’s serving the country through his military work, sharing knowledge though his company, or campaigning and fundraising for charitable causes.

We are humbled and so grateful for Brett’s determined and undiminished efforts, and to everyone who has raised to the challenges of Covid-19 while continuing to support vital research into epilepsy. The whole ERUK team would like to take the opportunity this #GivingTuesdayNow to say an enormous and heartfelt thank you for all that you do to support our shared cause.

You can support Brett’s incredible fundraising efforts here.

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