If someone asked you about the ‘big moments’ in your life, what would they be? Passing your driving test? Getting that new job against the odds? Having the baby you never thought you’d be able to have?

We know what we would say…

There were many days where the challenges of living with epilepsy seemed insurmountable, and for many years I never thought I would be able to drive. But now, thanks to research, life at 37 is seizure-free and I have the freedom and independence I could never have imagined!

I feel very lucky to be doing my dream job as a firefighter, despite living with epilepsy. Many people said it couldn’t be done. Thanks to medication developed by research, sometimes people forget that I have epilepsy as I’ve been seizure-free for many years.

The first time I held my son I thought I was going to explode with love and happiness. It was a moment I thought may never be possible. Thanks to years of research, new and safer medications were available to control my seizures and I was able to have a beautiful healthy baby boy.” 

We know we are very lucky. For people like us, living with epilepsy, big moments like these are not guaranteed. But research really does make a difference.

Research has made a difference to us, but there is still so much more to be done to stop epilepsy interrupting lives. That’s why this National Epilepsy Week we’re asking for your support.

Would you consider making a donation to support vital research?

We want more people to be given the chance to experience life’s big moments. And we know first-hand this is only possible through research.

So, please join us this week to stop epilepsy interrupting lives.

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