Today, Dr James Davies MP and Chris Green MP will open a debate in Westminster Hall on the value of charity-funded research.  A timely reminder, that if the Government want to ensure the UK is equipped to tackle our biggest health challenges, they must back charity-funded #ResearchAtRisk at tomorrow’s Spending Review.

COVID-19 has already caused an economic shock three times worse than the 2008 financial crisis. The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) – of which Epilepsy Research UK is a member – has seen their fundraising income decrease by over a third. Collectively, the economic impact will leave a £310 million hole in UK medical research funding, risking the loss of a generation of new researchers, setting life-saving research progress back decades and reducing the UK’s capacity to tackle big health challenges.

Our recent ‘#ALifeInterrupted – Shaping the Future of Research into Epilepsy’ report demonstrated the already stark inequalities in research funding. Despite being one of the most common, serious neurological conditions, just 0.3% of the £4.8 billion spent on health-related research is invested in epilepsy research.

At a time when the need to make savings is paramount, there is a compelling case to invest more in epilepsy research – the return on investment could lead to substantial cost-savings to the NHS and make an enormous difference to those affected.

We are joining the AMRC in calling on the Government to support charity-funded research at tomorrow’s Spending Review.

You can read more about the AMRC’s call for a Life Science-Charity Partnership Fund and the vital work they are doing to represent charities like Epilepsy Research UK in the recent #ERUKResearchBlog post from CEO Aisling Burnand.