Epilepsy Research UK is building the biggest ever community of people affected by epilepsy to influence and shape the future of research. Will you join us?

As part of the #ALifeInterrupted campaign, we launched the SHAPE NETWORK to provide an opportunity to empower people with epilepsy to influence the priorities for future research.

As ever, you did not disappoint… the response has been phenomenal. But we said ‘biggest’ so if you haven’t contributed yet, then why not put the SHAPE NETWORK questionnaire on your weekend to-do list? Or if you know someone affected by epilepsy who could also share their experiences to help shape research, please share the questionnaire with them.

The four questions should only take a few minutes to complete…

Help Shape Research here

EARLY TRENDS… here’s what people are saying:

-When asked how epilepsy interrupts lives, people most frequently reported disruptions to daily life such as the ability to drive, but also long term impacts like career choices

-One-third said that better medications with fewer side effects would be life-changing

-Over half said reduced drug side effects, more effective drugs, and new and improved treatment options were their highest research priorities.

Do you agree? Has epilepsy interrupted your life choices? What one thing would be life changing for you? What are YOUR research priorities?

There’s strength in numbers. And, in the fight against epilepsy, we need to work together. Join our SHAPE NETWORK today and help shape the future of research.

Help Shape Research here