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A memorial fund provides a personalised and positive way of honouring the life of your loved one, giving family and friends a real sense of purpose in helping ERUK fund research that brings hope for the future.

You can support a memorial fund however you wish – from giving donations to taking part in sponsored events and organising fundraising activities. Our memorial fund supporters make a hugely significant contribution to our research funding through their donations and diverse range of imaginative fundraising activities.

Each year memorial fund donations are allocated to an individual research project or theme which we are able to report back on the progress of. Through our memorial funds we hope to help our supporters celebrate the life of their loved one whilst giving people a strong sense of the very real contribution they are making to advancing research towards a life free from epilepsy.

To set up a memorial fund in memory of your loved one, please email  or phone us on 020 3096 7887. 

Some of our memorial fund supporters’ share their hopes and motivations for supporting research:

It is essential for those who loved James that his life is celebrated and that research into epilepsy is progressed; if even one family can be spared such a shocking and cruel loss our efforts will be worthwhile.

The Bradfield family

We still miss Sophie’s smile every day and the world seems a little darker without her bubbly personality and infectious giggles to fill our lives, but that will never change. What we can help change however, is to prevent similar tragedies by fundraising for epilepsy research; we can then feel that something positive has come out of losing our own beautiful daughter.

Ann Reilly and Steven Drozdzik