£5,000 pilot grant over 12 months awarded to Dr Tonny Veenith at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Scientific title: Do high volume centres have better outcomes than low volume centres when managing status epilepticus?


Prolonged seizures, known as status epilepticus (SE) has a significant morbidity and mortality, with survivors exposed to the risk of severe long-term cognitive deficits.

The Study

The researchers will investigate whether patient outcomes are affected by organisational expertise and familiarity with managing SE. Currently there are no studies which link outcomes from SE to institutional experience using quantity of patients (known as patient volume). Patient characteristics data will be linked to ICU and hospital characteristics.


If an association between volume and outcome is found, this would provide evidence for a further study linking structures, processes and outcomes leading to improved training or centralisation of services for patients with epilepsy. The researchers believe that, after more detailed research, improvements in patient outcomes would be likely over the next 5-10 years.