Yesterday we held our fifth webinar of the year – a Research Roundtable on Epilepsy Treatments: Past, Present and Future. The session was another ‘sell-out’ and featured lively and informative presentations from Professor John Paul Leach, Professor Richard Baines, and Dr Rob Wykes, which followed the moving personal story of Nicole, and her family’s experience of epilepsy.

During this Research Roundtable, we heard more from the experts on why getting the right treatment matters so much, and how research is essential in order to make a life free from epilepsy a reality.

If you missed it – don’t worry, you can watch the full Research Roundtable session below. We hope you find it as fascinating as we did!

This month on the #ERUKResearchBlog, we have been taking an in-depth look at treatments for epilepsy. Early findings from our SHAPE EPILEPSY RESEARCH NETWORK show that more effective medications with fewer side effects, as well as new treatment options, were the top research priorities – but do you agree? Has epilepsy interrupted your life choices? What one thing would be life changing for you? What are YOUR research priorities?

If your life has been interrupted by epilepsy, please join us today and help shape the future of research.

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