Rabbi Lionel Blue passed away on 19th December, aged 86. Rabbi Blue was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 57 and was one of the first people to talk openly about the condition and how it affected his life.    Rabbi Blue was a greatly valued friend of Epilepsy Research UK. He served as Vice President of the Epilepsy Research Foundation, and latterly Epilepsy Research UK, from 1997 until his retirement due to failing health in 2015.Through his radio broadcasting, Rabbi Blue enriched the lives of untold individuals with his warm and witty ‘Thought for the Day’. Using the same empathetic skills, Rabbi Blue led several successful Radio 4 Appeals on behalf of Epilepsy Research UK. In doing so, he raised awareness and improved the public’s understanding of epilepsy. We are grateful that he found the time in his busy schedule to support the epilepsy cause.Our condolences go to all his family, friends and colleagues. We at Epilepsy Research UK, and across the wider epilepsy world, owe Rabbi Lionel Blue a huge debt of thanks.