New research has highlighted the challenges faced by parents of children with epilepsy when discussing the condition.The small study, led by Dublin City University, saw 34 parents of children with epilepsy questioned about the difficulties they experienced when talking to them about epilepsy and other related issues. The discussions were then analysed using standard qualitative methods.The results of the analyses, which are published in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior, highlighted five main themes: the challenge of making their child feel ‘normal’ despite their epilepsy, the ‘invisibility’/lack of awareness about epilepsy, the need to conceal certain information, fears about misinforming their child and difficulties in discussing particular epilepsy-related issues. There were also concerns amongst the participants about their own lack of knowledge about epilepsy. In many cases these difficulties reportedly prevented parents from talking openly to their children about the nature of their condition.The research concludes: “Healthcare professionals who work closely with families living with epilepsy should remain mindful of the importance of discussing family communication surrounding epilepsy, and the challenges parents of children with epilepsy face when talking about epilepsy within the home.”Click here for more articles about epilepsy in children.Click here to read more stories about living with epilepsy.