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Welcome to the #ERUKResearchBlog. Does scientific language or research jargon sometimes leave you feeling a little baffled and bemused? Well, we’ve asked the experts to break things down, show us ‘behind the research curtain’, and share some stories that will inspire and engage us all.

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Parents of children with epilepsy share experiences of research involvement

This week, we have handed over our research blog to parents participating in the MICE Study Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group.  We asked the group to provide some insights into participating in research to help anyone considering getting involved in ERUK’s SHAPE EPILEPSY RESEARCH NETWORK.

How research can change policy and clinical practice: epilepsy-related deaths

ERUK Change Maker series: In this blog, Dr Gashirai Mbizvo discusses how his ERUK-funded research in Scotland discovered that almost 80% of epilepsy-related deaths among adults are potentially avoidable, and how this work is helping to change policy and clinical practice.

Promoting, encouraging and funding research into the causes, diagnosis and clinical management of people with epilepsy and associated conditions

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Developing the next generation of epilepsy researchers and capacity building the epilepsy research environment

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Accelerating innovations for people with epilepsy by supporting research that will influence clinical practice and health policy

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