Epilepsy Research UK is proud to announce we have awarded over £1.5 million of funding in our 2022 research awards – our largest single investment to date. In time for National Epilepsy Week, we are proud to announce funding awarded to four Emerging Leader Fellowships and five Endeavour Projects. All programmes of work will investigate the underlying causes and mechanisms of epilepsy and drive innovations in treatment and prevention.

This research would not be possible without the incredible efforts and generosity of you – our supporters. Thank you.

The funded research will take place in universities and hospitals across the country, including the University of Edinburgh, University College London, the University of Warwick, Newcastle University, the University of Leeds and Aston University.

We have profiled each of the exciting and essential new programmes of work selected by our Scientific Advisory Committee below.

This investment means that nine new studies will be taking place across the country, involving over 30 researchers and collaborators. Epilepsy Research UK is now funding 70 research projects nationally – the largest number in the organisation’s 30-year history.

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None of these vital research projects would be possible without the generosity of you – our supporters.

National Epilepsy Week kicks off on Monday and we’ll be sharing how you can support vital research so that, together, we can STOP epilepsy interrupting lives.