We are delighted to announce we have awarded £1.3 million of funding in this year’s research awards. Today we can reveal the four newly-funded projects, all of which aim to capacity build the epilepsy research environment and develop the next generation of researchers. Quite simply, this vital research would not take place without the incredible efforts of you – our supporters. Thank you.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us rethink how to maximise the impact of our research for people with epilepsy and the wider research environment. By attracting and retaining the best researchers to the field of epilepsy at this pivotal moment, we hope to help build a strong research community for the future. Below we have profiled each of the exciting and essential new research projects selected by our Scientific Advisory Committee.

This investment means that 15 new studies will be taking place across the country, involving over 60 researchers including collaborators in the U.S. and Australia. Epilepsy Research UK is now funding 58 research projects nationally.

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Research Awards Winners Professor Andrew Trevelyan and Dr Rhys Thomas
Research Awards Winners Professor Richard Chin and Professor Cathy Abbott

Throughout National Epilepsy Week 2021 we put the spotlight on each of these exciting projects. There were videos, Research Blogs, and a special live Research Roundtable webinar featuring all our newly awarded researchers. You can watch the full session below.

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