Epilepsy Research UK has invested over £10 million in research into the diagnosis, causes, and clinical management of epilepsy and associated conditions

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A life free from epilepsy is possible. But only through research.

We are the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to driving and enabling a national programme of life changing, life saving research. We are currently funding 34 research grants involving over 120 researchers across 19 UK institutions and hospitals.

Working with clinicians and scientists, we understand the very real possibilities arising from advances in research. We are committed to ensuring our portfolio of research is balanced so that we are providing both help for today and hope for tomorrow.

I know the value Epilepsy Research UK places in the guidance provided by the Scientific Advisory Committee, and I am relishing the prospect of helping to nurture and develop our research portfolio.
Professor Mike Cousin
Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

ERUK supports a wide range of research, from experimental studies of epilepsy, including laboratory research of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of epilepsy, to novel diagnostics and treatments for the clinical management of people living with epilepsy.

Our research is funded after rigorous scrutiny of applications in a multi-stage process that involves experts on the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), external expert opinion, and a three-panel interview in the case of fellowships. Through this process we can be assured of the quality of the science and the likelihood of delivery of novel insights into the causes, diagnosis, treatments and impact of epilepsy.

Promoting, encouraging and funding research into the causes, diagnosis and clinical management of people with epilepsy and associated conditions

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Developing the next generation of epilepsy researchers and capacity building the epilepsy research environment with our new Doctoral Training Centres

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Accelerating innovations for people with epilepsy by supporting research that will influence clinical practice and health policy

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