Today we’re celebrating one year since we launched the #ALifeInterrupted campaign, to highlight the disruptive, interruptive impact of epilepsy and call on people affected to help influence and shape the future of research.

We can’t believe a year has passed – and what a year it was! We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the campaign, with the #ALifeInterrupted films gaining tens of thousands of views, as well as our “Doug” film winning an industry award and being nominated for a further two.

“I’ve watched hundreds, maybe even thousands of Vimeo Staff Picks, and Doug’s film is one of the best concepts I’ve ever seen. The storytelling is powerful and succinct, the editing is intuitive and clever, and the cinematography is brilliant. Inspired and humbled by your work. Thanks for sharing.”

“I thought the film was absolutely brilliant, poignant and really gave an insight into what it’s like to one day wake up and find your life has changed.”

The campaign put people affected by epilepsy firmly at the heart of our work to drive and enable only the best research into epilepsy. Launched alongside the campaign, the SHAPE NETWORK has grown into the biggest epilepsy community in the UK, with over 300 members working together to shape the future of research. To mark a year of the SHAPE NETWORK, this month on the Research Blog we will be looking at why research needs people with epilepsy to get involved and the difference the network will make. We’ll be hearing from SHAPE member Rebecca, who will share her experiences on being involved in research and we’ll be discussing our ambitious plans to shape research, working alongside people affected by epilepsy.

Read more and find out how you can join the SHAPE NETWORK here.

“Epilepsy is a total family life interruption. It affects mums, dads and siblings too! Thank you for bringing so much awareness to the public!”

Our work to combat this disruptive, interruptive condition continues through your support and we are so grateful to you for joining this powerful community working together to STOP epilepsy interrupting lives.


Despite 600,000 people in the UK living with epilepsy, considerable stigma still remains around the condition. Many simply don’t want to talk about it.

One way you can help start the conversation is to wear our special edition #ALifeInterrupted t-shirts and tote bags featuring beautiful shots of the campaign films. As well as raising awareness, all profits will go directly toward supporting life changing, life saving research.

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