A promising new study has identified a biomarker that in the future could help in the diagnosis of epilepsy.The research, conducted by Sichuan University in China, examined the possible benefits of using measurements of metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) levels in the blood as an epilepsy diagnostic tool. MMP-2 is a type of enzyme that plays a role in embryonic development, reproduction and tissue remodelling.During the study, the blood serum MMP-2 levels of 233 people with epilepsy were compared to those of 97 healthy control subjects. The results, published in the medical journal Epilepsy Research, indicated that subjects with epilepsy had significantly lower MMP-2 concentrations in the blood than the control group, and this trend was observed in both males and females.The researchers concluded: “Our results reveal that serum MMP-2 may be a potential biomarker for the diagnosis of epilepsy.”Such a discovery could potentially lead to the development of future blood test-based diagnostic aids for epilepsy.For more epilepsy news stories, please click here.