The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), in London, has published guidance for community nurses to help them support homeless people who have epilepsy.The guidance, entitled Working with Epilepsy and Homelessness: Guidance for Community Nurses, was produced by ten epilepsy specialist nurses in collaboration with ten specialist homeless health professionals.In a press release, David Parker-Radford, Homeless Health Project Manager at the QNI said: “Epilepsy diagnosis and ongoing treatment can be complex and require multiple health appointments and tests. This means it is even more vital that epilepsy services find proactive ways to reach vulnerable high-risk people, including those who may not be registered with a GP.”He added: “All people living with epilepsy have the right to excellent care and treatment – not only those with stable support and housing.”The 12-page long guidance comprises background information about the causes of epilepsy, the different types of seizures, and available treatments.It also details the needs of homeless people, their particular risk factors and the practicalities of living with epilepsy if homeless.Finally, it gives advice for nurses about first aid, supporting homeless people with epilepsy and coordinating their care.The benefits of the guidance are two-fold. First, it offers knowledge to community nurses about epilepsy therefore allowing them to be more confident when supporting these people. Second, it allows epilepsy professionals to have a greater understanding of the risks and realities associated with homelessness.The guidance was produced in response to evidence suggesting that homeless people are significantly more likely to have or develop epilepsy than the general population.Author: Dr Özge ÖzkayaClick here to read more stories about living with epilepsy.