We appreciate everyone’s attention may be elsewhere right now… but National Epilepsy Week is almost upon us. Here’s a sneak preview of what we have planned… 

On Monday we’ll be announcing the new research projects that have been awarded over £1.3 million in funding – our largest investment to date. Our Focus magazine will also be dropping into inboxes and letterboxes, providing all the details of the life changing, life saving research our supporters have made happen.

Epilepsy is not a big deal… Or is it? How much do you really know about epilepsy? Join our quiz on Wednesday with the charismatic Professor John Terry and epilepsy advocate Simon Privett. There will be surprises… secret celebrities…startling stats! Spaces are limited to 100 – you can book early to avoid disappointment here.

At 3pm on Thursday we will be hosting an expert led webinar with talks and discussion on how research is focusing on the many wider symptoms of epilepsy beyond seizures. This session is open to everyone, so whether you’re living with epilepsy, researching epilepsy or would just like to learn a bit more – you can register for the event here.

Every week 600 people receive the life changing diagnosis of epilepsy. You can support vital research to achieve a life free from epilepsy by taking part in our 6 for the 600 challenge. All you need to do is think of an activity based around the number 6, 60 or even 600. Your challenge can be anything you want it to be, so get your thinking caps on! Find out more here.

We very much hope you will able to participate in some or all of the events above. Make sure you don’t miss a single thing and follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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