“I would like to introduce myself as the newly appointed Chief Executive of Epilepsy Research UK. It is a real honour to have been given the opportunity to lead a charity that my family and I had already been supporting and I am looking forward to working with all of you, the incredibly hard working staff here, and the Board of Trustees to further the ambitions of the charity.Without you we would not be able to fund the valuable research that we all know is needed. Your activity and fundraising is the lifeblood of the charity and after 25 successful years, we are keen to get your opinions on how the charity should now develop into the future.We are setting ambitious targets. £1m into research by the end of 2018 and £2m by the end of 2020. With your support we can achieve these targets.We also want to make more people aware of the importance of epilepsy research and the impact that it can have on this potentially debilitating condition. Research not only improves the life of people right now, but will also improve the lives of the many people who will develop epilepsy in the future. We believe that research is essential if we are going to find a cure, new treatments, or greater understanding of the condition that may lead to those things. At Epilepsy Research UK we aim to provide the funding for the research that will help change lives. This is something we can all do together.Over the next couple of months I am keen to speak to as many people as possible about how you think we can realise our ambition. I would like to know what more we could do to help your fundraising, things you think we should focus on and even, maybe things that you do not think we should do.I aim to speak to supporters, researchers and anyone else with an interest in epilepsy research and I want people to be honest about what we are doing well and what we are not doing so well.  I have put aside time to speak to people directly and you can click here to book me to call you at your convenience for a longer discussion.Over the past 25 years in our various guises as the British Epilepsy Research Foundation, the Epilepsy Research Foundation, the Fund for Epilepsy and now as Epilepsy Research UK, we have raised millions of pounds for epilepsy research. I am determined to work with you to continue that proud tradition.”Mike Rich, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Research UK