A personal message from our President, Professor J Helen Cross OBE

“Every day, as a Paediatric Neurologist, I witness the devastation and lifelong impact epilepsy can have on children and their families. For children, we know that getting a diagnosis as early as possible is crucial to their brain development, but unfortunately, this is not always straightforward.

As a result, families find themselves propelled into a world of appointments, tests and sometimes highly invasive procedures whilst navigating their own anxieties around the uncertain future of their small child.

The responsibility is therefore on us to push forward research that will provide hope to the next generation of people affected by epilepsy. To do this we must attract and inspire the next generation of scientists to the field of epilepsy research to speed up innovations in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.”

This Christmas, you can support this vital work by making a donation today. Only through our powerful community working together will we STOP epilepsy interrupting lives.