Thanks to our membership of the National Free Wills Network you can get a simple will written, or your existing will updated, by a local solicitor at no cost to you.It is a very simple process. Call us on 020 3096 7887, or email us at  Send us your name and address with reply code ‘Free Wills’, and we will arrange for the National Free Wills Network to send you a pack with names and addresses of at least two solicitors local to you taking part in the scheme. You can then book your own appointment direct with the solicitor you choose who will draw up your will for you.The charity pays a small fee for simple wills written through the Free Wills Network. If your will is more complex the solictor will alert you before undertaking the work if an additional payment is required.You’re under no obligation to include a gift to Epilepsy Research UK in your will but we very much hope you may choose to do so. With more funding we aim to drive and enable research into epilepsy that will positively change and save lives.This is a limited offer without any obligation on those who participate to include a bequest to Epilepsy Research UK.