Epilepsy seems to be a contributing cause of death when it develops following a stroke according to a study published in the scientific journal PLOS One. It is therefore of great importance to carefully manage seizures in people with post-stroke epilepsy.It is known that in people with post-stroke epilepsy, seizures occur in conjunction with vascular disease but it is not known to what extent it contributes to the risk of death in this group of people. In order to understand this, researchers in Sweden analysed the cause of death in people who developed epilepsy after a stroke between 2005 and 2010.The found that In this five-year period, 7,740 people developed post-stroke epilepsy. A total of 4,167 of these people (53.8%) died before the end of 2014. The main cause of death was disorders of the circulatory system, observed in 60% of cases. This was followed by neoplasms, or new and abnormal growths of brain tissue, occurring in 12% of cases. Epilepsy was considered a contributing cause of death in 14% of people with post-stroke epilepsy.“Our findings highlight the importance of optimal management of [disorders of the circulatory system] in patients with post-stroke epilepsy”, wrote the authors. They added that there is also a need of “high ambition” regarding the management of seizures in people with post-stroke epilepsy.People with epilepsy have a higher risk of death compared to the general population. But research about the causes of death in epilepsy encompasses all types of epilepsies. In order to provide better treatments to avoid death in people with epilepsy, it is important to understand its leading cause in different types of epilepsies.Author: Dr Özge ÖzkayaFor more information on epilepsy after stroke you can download this PDF produced by the Stroke Association