This is the final report for a 2015 pilot grant for £29,977 awarded to Dr Jackie Foong and Dr Matthias Koepp at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH. In this pilot study, Dr Foong and colleagues used brain imaging techniques and psychological tests to investigate how the frontal and temporal areas of the brain work in people with temporal lobe epilepsy who develop depression. The data collected during this pilot grant is still being analysed, but it is anticipated that the results of this study will increase understanding of the mechanisms involved in depression and help us identify those who may be more vulnerable to depression. Future research in this area will help to improve or develop further treatments for depression in individuals with epilepsy.Dr Foong said: “Many individuals with epilepsy also suffer from depression which adds to the burden of coping with seizures. This pilot study contributes to our understanding of the brain mechanisms involved in depression in epilepsy and will help to identify those who may be more vulnerable to depression.“It has been a pleasure working with Epilepsy Research UK and we are most grateful for their funding and support in carrying out this pilot study.”