We are delighted to announce a new series of seminars, hosted and chaired by the Epilepsy Research UK Fellows. Each seminar will focus on a different theme and will cover the very latest in epilepsy research developments.

To achieve our vision of a life free from epilepsy we need to foster collaborations and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information. For the last 12 years our International Expert Workshops have acted as a catalyst for collaborative research activity by bringing together hundreds of researchers from around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily halted our Workshop programme, but we are committed to continuing to drive forward the development of new therapies and precision treatments through the launch of the Navigator Series.

The first Navigator Series to be announced is:

Each Fellow will be mentored by an Epilepsy Research UK trustee who are leaders in their field. Fellows will be supported to ensure the engagement of experts in their research topics during the day-long seminar of presentations and discussions. Bringing together experts in this way to share information and ideas fosters national and international collaborations and sparks new insights that will help to advance the science of epilepsy. Even after the event, the sharing of information will continue with the publication of seminar outputs in a journal detailing the research discussed, delegate reviews and recommendations for future research.

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