The Epilepsy Care Alliance formed of Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Kent, and various tech companies has been running a programme, named myCareCentric Epilepsy, exploring how technology can equip people with the ability to self-manage their condition. Patients enrolled in the programme are given a wearable device which records their health data and monitors seizures, building a complete record of a patient’s condition and seizure patterns. From the data collected the device has the potential to learn to classify seizures. Clinicians can be alerted in real time and can consult patients remotely and providelifestyle recommendations and drug prescriptions.The programme which has been running since 2016 has already generated a vast amount of data which has been able to confirm, amongst other things, the relationship between poor sleep and seizures, meaning that seizure prediction can become more accurate.To read more about this story, please use the link here: