From Newcastle UniversityIn honour of Purple Day 2016, you are invited to attend an informal public and patient engagement event on Thursday 24 March, between 09:00 and 13:00, in the Bamburgh Room, King’s Road Centre, King’s Road, Newcastle University. For more information, please click here.The purpose of the event is to involve you in the innovative CANDO (Controlling Abnormal Network Dynamics using Optogenetics) project, which is being led by researchers at the Institute of Neurosciences, Newcastle University. This exciting study aims to develop a brand new treatment for epilepsy, which will eventually lead to a first-in-human trial.The meeting will include an introduction to the CANDO team and an update on the project’s progress. There will also be several question and answer sessions with members of the clinical and research teams, where we hope to canvas your valuable opinions about our next steps.Over all this will be a fantastic opportunity to meet the researchers, and to get involved with a cutting-edge project as it progresses towards its first-stage clinical trials. Please click here to register.