People in England with neurological conditions such as epilepsy may not be receiving a consistent or optimal standard of care, according to a new report from Government’s Public Accounts Committee.The document followed a detailed assessment of the NHS services provided to people with neurological conditions, and revealed wide variations across the country in terms of access, outcomes and patient experiences.The report, available here, shows that the NHS spent £3.3 billion on neurological services in 2012-13, which represented 3.5% of total spending – up from 3.1% in 2010-11. It also reveals that hospital ‘activity’ involving patients with neurological conditions has increased in recent years, but that the rate of this growth has slowed, and it estimates that 4.7 million people in England have one of these conditions.According to the review, despite recommendations in 2012 calling for improved standards, certain areas continue to lag behind. Indeed, more than 40% of people surveyed in the assessment said they did not think local services work well together, and only 12% said they had a written care plan to help coordinate their care.Looking at epilepsy in particular, the report estimates that £70 million is spent on dealing with emergency admissions, and that many of these are likely to be the result of shortcomings in care.The quality of epilepsy care also appears to vary greatly by region, with the proportion of treated adults remaining seizure-free for 12 months reaching as high as 87% in south-west Lincolnshire in 2013-14, but as low as 47% in Hull and northern Manchester.MP Meg Hillier, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said: “Strong, consistent leadership and accountability are crucial if patients are to see sustained improvements to services and more effective use of the resources available.”This must start with improvements in planning, coordination and the use of data, and we will be holding the Department and NHS England to account for this in the months and indeed years ahead.”Click here for more articles about epilepsy statistics and epilepsy treatment in the UK.