Zoe tragically died in her sleep on 20th October 2012 aged 36. She had lived with epilepsy since she was 12 years old. Zoe was a vibrant person who laughed readily and whose smile lit up a room. We are comforted by the fact she was at a very contented and happy stage in her life, only the previous day she had placed an offer on a house with her partner Paul. Zoe’s epilepsy was reasonably well controlled with medication and in 2004 she had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted which controlled her partial seizures but didn’t stop her from having occasional more major seizures. In her later years all of her seizures had been during the night.

The main triggers for Zoe’s seizures were lack of sleep and stress, but Zoe never let her epilepsy define her or stop her from living life to the full. She had travelled extensively including trips to Nepal, India, the Far East and Uganda. Her next adventure was to be a trip to Brazil travelling up the Amazon. She went through life with a positive attitude, always excited by new possibilities and adventures, enjoying wild camping, mountain biking, hula hooping, Zumba classes, African drumming, outdoor swimming, live music and dancing.

She worked on a project called “Skills for Life” in Wolverhampton, teaching life skills to adults with learning difficulties. She started there as a volunteer in 1998 and in 2010 she became the manager. Her enthusiasm, hard work, tenacity and determination saw the project grow and develop into something that many students, parents and staff are very proud to be a part of. She also somehow managed to find the time to be a Samaritan.

As well as Paul, Zoe leaves behind her proud parents Chris and Geoff, sister, Anna, her niece Ella and many, many good friends. We would like to support Epilepsy Research UK in Zoe’s name and hope that its work will help to gain insight into this condition and prevent it from cutting others’ loved ones lives so short.”

– Anna Mayne, November 2012

To make a donation to Zoe’s memorial fund, please use the link below.