William a.k.a Will or Tiny was 19 years old when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. The cause of William’s seizures was never discovered despite extensive help and work from the Neurology Team at Southmead hospital in Bristol. William never knew when his seizures were coming and had very little recollection of them happening. He would just say “Sorry Dad it’s happened again!”  Tragically in June 2021, aged 21years old, William passed away due to SUDEP.

William lived life to the full before his diagnosis, being a member of The Royal Air Force Cadets, amateur dramatics. William always wanted to make at least one person smile every day, this may even be one of the doctors, nurses or paramedics should he have been hospitalised by a seizure. He had an infectious smile and a wicked sense of humour.

William was a goalkeeper for Kingswood Colliers 5-a-side football team and would often come home bruised and battered from a game – and that was the games they won!

When news broke of William’s death his football team and other close friends quickly organised a football tournament and raffle in his memory to raise vital funds for research and the tournament is now going to be an annual event in William’s memory. In total so far, we have donated £5,180.

William had to give up his passion for driving, which for a Kwikfit Apprentice was tough. In his honour, Kwikfit have created an Outstanding Achievers for the Best Apprentice Award to be awarded every year.

The Workman Family, December 2021

To make a donation to Will’s memorial fund, please use the link below.