Simon was 28 years old when he died from SUDEP. Simon had epilepsy from the age of 12.  Despite this he never let it get him down or stop him from doing activities that he enjoyed. He was a keen mountain biker, tennis and rugby player, and enjoyed walking.Simon was a very social person. He had a wide circle of friends in all corners of the UK and in other countries. His involvement with Epilepsy Research led him to meet some wonderful new friends and he was always willing to share his experiences with others. For others living with epilepsy, listening and talking to Simon was of great comfort and strong friendships were formed. Simon was a generous and kind man who always wanted to give back to society, which he did by working for various local charities. Wherever he went he left his mark and people did not forget him.

Simon’s epilepsy did not respond to medication and in 2007 he agreed to become a part of a research programme at Southmead hospital in Bristol which was working to improve the lives of young people, through developing a better understanding of the complexities of epilepsy. Simon had surgery three times and following his last surgery in February 2016 Simon experienced a reduction in seizures.

Sadly, on 01/10/2016 Simon unexpectedly died from a seizure at home. Those who were told of his death were shocked; the medical team at Southmead hospital who had worked so caringly to improve Simon’s epilepsy found it hard to believe as they felt he had made good progress. Simon’s neurologist and surgeon said that over the years they had leant a lot from working with Simon, which had helped other people with epilepsy. As a family, we feel this work should carry on in memory of Simon, but more importantly to continue to raise money for research into epilepsy.

One way of doing this is to donate to Simon’s fund. So please donate what you can to the memory of Simon who was a wonderful, generous, happy and selfless human being.

Thank you.

– The Stickland Family, November 2016

To make a donation to Simon’s memorial fund, please use the link below.